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Federated Health Charities began in 1983, when members of the OPS created their own campaign to allow them to contribute to health charities in the same way they were able to contribute to social service agencies through the United Way campaign – chiefly through payroll deduction, but also by cash, cheque, Visa or MasterCard, as well as through participation in special events. Since the United Way campaign ran in the fall, Federated Health became a spring campaign, currently running from the beginning of April to the end of June.

Federated Health Charities was run under the aegis of the Ontario Government Employees Charity Trust, by staff seconded from the OPS, until the administration of the annual campaign devolved to the member charities, at the government’s request, with the hiring of part-time staff for the 1996 campaign. A full-time Executive Director was hired in November, 1997, and a full-time Campaign Administrator in January 1998. (The Ontario Government Employees Charity Trust continued to report campaign revenues under its Charitable Registration Number until Federated Health received its own in 1998.)

OPS staff has donated over $50-million in 37 years, making this one of Canada’s most successful workplace campaigns, and one that’s become vital to our 21 member charities. 

Our mission

Federated Health Charities Corporation is a coalition of provincially-based charities in Ontario dedicated to raising funds for its members within the Ontario Public Service that will support health education and awareness, medical research, and client and patient services.

The Federated Health Charities Campaign is a workplace charitable campaign that allows members of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) across Ontario to support up to 21 health charities through payroll deductions, donations and special events.

A Message from the Honourary Campaign Chair
Ian Freeman

Ian Freeman

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) has a long history of generosity and giving.  We see it as one more way to serve and support our fellow Ontarians and it has always been a fundamental part of our core values as public servants.  The past year has been one of uncertainty, adjustment, learning and growing, but it has also been one of tremendous community, togetherness, and support.  This was evident in the 2020 Federated Health campaign where the OPS came together, despite being amid an incredibly challenging time, and raised funds for the health of our communities, making a difference when it was most needed.  COVID-19 has reminded us that we are stronger together and the importance of looking out for one another and that is exactly what the Federated Health campaign has always been about.  This campaign has always been near and dear to OPS’ers because everyone is touched by health, whether themselves or one of their loved ones, and we all understand how meaningful it is to have support throughout our times of need. 

Federated Health has been hard at work this past year ensuring it is responding to the needs of the OPS.  We pivoted the campaign to be run virtually in order to prioritize the health and safety of employees, we have brought on new charities that reflect the causes OPS’ers want to support, and we have partnered with the Black Ontario Public Service Employees Network and Diversity Councils to do our part to combat anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and ensure Federated Health Charities aligns with the OPS values of diversity and inclusivity.  This is your campaign and we will always work hard to have it reflect what matters most to all of you. 

As we launch the 2021 campaign we are focused on the health of Ontario and all of those who have been impacted by the coronavirus.  People living with pre-existing health conditions have been some of the most at-risk and our charities have been working over-time this past year to provide the supports required to keep them safe.  Families dealing with these illnesses have experienced devastating effects from the pandemic; people being unable to have access to required treatments, shortages of critical medications, families losing the aid of caregivers and support workers, and loss of income needed to cope with the expenses that come along with a chronic illness.  To compound these challenges, many charity organizations have experienced donation shortfalls due to the cancelling of important events that generate funding and awareness.  

We are better together, so we are determined to do our part to support families through this challenging time.  We hope we can count on you to join us.  If there is a time to help your community, it is now.  No matter how small or large, a gift at this time will have an incredible impact.  

We thank you for your continued support of this campaign over the years. We are truly touched by your unwavering commitment to this cause and the health and well-being of Ontarians.

Ian Freeman

Assistant Deputy Minister

Ministry of Transportation

Our Commitment to Diversity & Equity


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