How Ontario is Prioritizing and Supporting Nutritional Health for Seniors in Long-Term Homes – Health Hint!

Jun 8, 2022

Federated Health Charities’ mission is to improve the health and quality of life of all Ontarians by supporting 21 different health charities providing critical services to those experiencing, or affected by, illness.  We believe education and prevention are key parts of supporting the health of our communities, so our weekly Health Hint series strives to provide tangible and easy to implement hints and tips on how to maintain your health, prevent disease, and enjoy increased quality of life.  Check out our latest Health Hint on the Ontario governments commitment to supporting seniors’ health.  We hope you find it helpful.  If you would like to join our efforts to support the health of Ontario, please consider a donation to Federated Health Charities.


Nutritional supports for seniors in long-term homes

The Ontario government will provide $673 million to long-term care homes in 2022 – 2023 to hire and retain up to 10,000 long-term care staff across the province. The province has also committed $72.3 million over three years to increase long-term care enforcement capacity to ensure that every resident experiences the safest and best quality of life and to hold homes accountable for the care they provide. The Ontario government is investing over $40 million in additional nutrition support funding for long-term care homes so residents can receive more individualized food choices, more fresh produce, local foods in season and additional menu flexibility.

There will be a 15% funding increase for nutritional support to homes; the government will be adopting new regulations that will further increase the quality of life and care for residents. The regulations will come into effect on July 11, 2022, and long-term care homes will be required to deliver: (Government of Ontario, April 2022)

  • Menu planning flexibility that responds to the needs of the residents 
    • Specialty diets and menu substitutions that have nutritional value
  • Menus that are approved by a registered dietitian
  • Menus that provide a variety of foods every day 
  • More flexibility for each home to increase menu choices for residents and reduce food waste 
  • Meals and snacks

This is part of the government’s plan to fix and prioritize long-term care and to ensure Ontario’s seniors get the quality of care and quality of life they need and deserve.

We hope you enjoyed our latest Health Hint!

Written by Angelika Aziz

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