COVID-19 Update from Federated Health Charities

May 7, 2020

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that targets the respiratory system with severe, flu-like symptoms. People with underlying health conditions are at an increased risk of developing life-threatening complications if they contract covid-19. Because of the danger posed by this novel coronavirus, the province of Ontario has closed non-essential businesses and instituted social distancing measures.

The charities represented by FHC have seen demand for their services drastically increase due to this crisis. The people supported by these charities are some of the most vulnerable – many have highly compromised immune systems and lung capacities, many are susceptible to infections, and many have a severely decreased capacity to recover from covid-19 complications. Because these charities provide support and care for people living with 20 different life-threatening illnesses, their services can be life-altering, especially during a pandemic. 

Our charities are doing everything they can to support patients and communities with the resources at their disposal. Many vulnerable people benefit from safe transportation to medical appointments, emotional support, counselling, delivery of essential goods and medications, and assistance with the costs of medical treatments. When managing a debilitating illness during a global health pandemic, even venturing to the grocery store can be a tough decision. Many of our charities’ benefactors grapple with these elevated risks every day.

Federated Health Charities is committed to running this year’s campaign, especially now when charities require help more than ever. As with many organizations and businesses, the financial repercussions of this crisis have been swift and debilitating and our charities fundraising sources have been extremely compromised, with some revenue sources having been eliminated entirely. This has left our charities trying to meet increased service needs with diminished resources.  We encourage everyone to give if they can as it is incredibly needed at this time.

Federated Health Charities wishes everyone safety and health during this difficult time.

Written by Jennifer Nemcik

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