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David Denault:
The people in the LPS are extremely committed to serving and extremely committed to helping people in the province, and the Federated Health is just an extension of that.

Barb Davis:
I think it’s a really excellent way to be able to support health charities in Ontario. You can touch so many different things, rather than just giving to one, or giving to another.

Jonathan de la Cruz:
Every person I know is impacted by one of the seventeen charities that Federated Health supports and promotes. It’s really, really powerful knowing that the work we do will impact everyone’s lives.

David Denault:
It’s been really inspiring to me to see how much people support this program, and we raise significant dollars, you know, close to $2 million has been raised through this campaign, through hard work of volunteers and the people who contribute to it.

Dionne Sebastian:
Over the years I would say we’ve pretty well exceeded most of our targets that we’ve set each year.

Ani Azim:
We’ve done golf tournaments, we’ve done walks outside. We’ve tied it to other things, like health initiatives, health activities.

Philias Breault:
I like helping people. I know that the organisation is providing great services to communities and to people in need.

Niya Bajaj:
Being health enables people to contribute to their communities, to their families and to their own personal sense of accomplishment in such a meaningful way. If you don’t feel great, it’s really hard to function day-to-day.

David Denault:
If you think of over those thirty five years, where we’ve gone with people diagnosed with breast cancer, we notice those survival rates, you know, are twice the amount of what they’ve been in the past.

So the dollars that come in to Federated Health are really making a difference in improving people’s lives, and the people that support those people in those circumstances.

Ian M:
When I was a child, Hemophilia Ontario gave a lot of support to my family during those really difficult years. It sort of helped us just stay sane.

Patricia G:
Raquel has had a life-changing surgery. About a year ago she had a surgery that enabled her to walk a little bit better. Because of that surgery, she’s able to do things that she wasn’t able to do before, all because of the help of charities such as OFCP that allowed my daughter to have the opportunities that most kids would probably take for granted.

Kristine L:
I sort of looked at PLS Canada online, and then shortly thereafter, I got a phone call from Sarah, and the gist of the conversation was that I wouldn’t go through this alone. Having the support of Sarah was huge in my life.

Philias Breault:
I do have a personal connection to the charity. I lost a friend quite a few years ago to HIV AIDS.

Michelle Consul:
My family has been affected by heart disease in the past. I’ve lost loved ones to heart disease.

Ani Azim:
I think everyone has someone that’s dealing with some sort of health issue, whether it’s me, like, ten years from now, or a family that I have that will end up needing one of these services. And knowing that we’re giving to that, is sort of investing in your future and that of your communities.

Brian P:
The Alzheimer Society has really helped her come to terms with something that everybody recognises is not going to get better, but we’re going to delay the process as long as we possibly can. Let’s keep active, let’s keep doing things, let’s be as normal as possible.

These guys here are really doing such a terrific job, helping us do that.

Dionne Sebastian:
I think it’s important for the OPS and for employees to donate, because it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of payroll deduction. It’s simple and a relatively painless method to do, and you don’t really miss those few dollars off your pay cheque.

Biljana Potkonjak:
Federated Health Charities organisation is extremely imported to us, because we rely on their donations to continue bringing liver research to life.

Cheryl McClellan:
The fact that we’ve had multi-year funding from FHC has meant that we could commit to more extensive research studies, programs that help people year over year, and really dedicate those resources in a strategic way.

Michelle Consul:
Whether you’re donating your time or your money, or both, the impact is long-lasting. The OPS support into the Federated Health Charities has a long legacy, so it will continue and that ripple effect, I think, we all have the opportunity to just help. Why not support something that supports others?

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