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Sarah Wood:
Federated Health Charities began as just one charity that we were funding, and over the thirty five years, because of the support and success, we now provide sustainable funding to seventeen different health-based charities across the province.

Barb Davis:
These health charities affect all of us in some way, shape or form. Connecting to that in each person is just great work to do, and the response has been amazing.

Jonathan de la Cruz:
Donors should know that they are impacting not only the lives of Ontarians, but they are likely impacting the lives of people that they know.

Jeffrey Beach:
In Ontario there are about fourteen hundred people – children and adults – who are living with CF, and he funds that are raised through Federated Health Charities really do help to support them in leading better lives and longer lives.

Dr Jan Hux:
The OPS Federated Health campaign has helped us, are giving a steady and consistent support. It’s that stream of revenue that allows us to make the investments that we’re making in ending the diabetes epidemic through prevention, through enhanced care and through research to find a cure.

Cathy Barrick:
I have worked with other not-for-profits, and being part of Federated Health Charities, you get more bang for your buck, honestly, because we’re working together, we’re trying to promote healthy living and healthy activities, and working together to raise more money to uplift us all.

Cheryl McClellan:
FHC is a tremendous organisation, because with a mandate of enabling people to contribute in their workplace, it just makes it so simple for people to have a payroll deduction that gives them the sense of satisfaction that they’re making regular contributions to the causes that are really important to them.

Dionne Sebastian:
Diabetes runs in my family. I know that it’s a risk factor for myself too, so of course, you know, I’d love to find a cure and have it eradicated. So I think, you know, you can do that by throwing your support, financially, behind these organisations so that they can do the research.

Muluba H:
If I didn’t have the help of the Ontario AIDS Network, I don’t think that I would be a fulfilled member of the community. I wouldn’t know how to have my voice in the community, I wouldn’t know how to be an activist if I didn’t have their help, and I’m really grateful for them for that.

Shelby H:
It’s very much a community, and we build each other up. People who are closest to you, like your friends or your family, they try to understand it, but they don’t. And the only people who can, like, really talk to you about it, are the people who have lived it.

Lisa H:
The Kidney Foundation has helped me in my time of need, so now that I’m able, I’m giving back to the Kidney Foundation.

Mary Alberti:
To those individuals who haven’t opted in as donors through Federated Health Charities, really think about it, because every dollar that you donate to Federated Health Charities, goes to some amazing causes across Ontario, and we’re all here to help people. And if you care about helping people, this is the place to be.

Federated Health Charities

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