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Biljana Potkonjak:
Canadian Liver Foundation is a national health charity, devoted to providing support for research, education in all forms of liver disease.

Lance G:
My results for my bloodwork came back and the doctor told me that my platelet count was significantly low. They did many more tests, some ultrasounds and everything, and they found out that my liver was severely cirrhosed, and that I had hepatitis C.

Biljana Potkonjak:
Liver disease is on the rise; one in four Canadians may have some form of liver disease.

Lance G:
You’re out for a walk one day and you’re walking along and everything’s perfect, and then all of a sudden one day, boom, you just fall right off the cliff. That’s kind of how hepatitis C affects your life.

Biljana Potkonjak:
We provide patient support services, we provide the information line for people who can call us here. We do have awareness campaigns, we run programs specific to patients, such as living with liver disease. We provide a peer support network.

Lance G:
I had many suicidal thoughts. In the later stages of hepatitis C, it’s very agonising. If you can imagine having the worst flu of your life, day in and day out, you look horrible, your skin is all yellow.

And the worst thing for me was the itching. I literally scratched the skin completely off till my legs bled. The open sores got infected and I had hospital stays.

Biljana Potkonjak:
There’s a huge stigma attached to liver disease. It is usually and very often perceived as a your-fault disease. We work on educating the public, so people understand that liver disease can affect anyone, any age, any gender.

Lance G:
Nothing really seemed to make the pain go away, and watching yourself go from being healthy to a frail of a human being. You know, I pride myself all the time of being a very hard worker and very professional.

One day I fell asleep at my desk. Somebody took a picture, they just thought it was a bit humorous, and at the time, you know, I laughed, but when I got home, I was speaking to my wife about it and how it affected me. I said, it was very embarrassing and it doesn’t happen.

Biljana Potkonjak:
We try to advocate for equal access to treatment, for better understanding, to raise awareness of live disease, and to fund medical research, which is really crucial.

Lance G:
The Liver Foundation has helped me, specifically learning more about liver disease through their websites and through their articles and submissions.

Biljana Potkonjak:
We became involved with Federated Health Charities in 1990, and have been receiving funds and participating in the Ontario Public Service campaign.

It is important for the Canadian Liver Foundation to continue receiving donor dollars in order for us to continue bringing liver research to life.

Lance G:
To those individuals, the donors, I just want to say, thank you. Your precious gifts have saved countless lives, lives that are changed forever. It’s probably the most selfless thing anybody could ever do.

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