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Autism Ontario is an amazing organization that’s been in Ontario for over 45 years, helping individuals on the spectrum, ranging from little ones, toddlers, all the way up into adulthood because Autism is for life.  

Autism is a neurological disease, so it affects the functioning of the brain. Autism can affect communication. Autism also affects behaviour. They might tippy toe walk, or flap their hands when they’re really, really excited as well. And also, an impairment can be social skills. So, it might be hard for our individuals to make and keep friends, and how to maintain a friendship, or relationship as well. 

I have three beautiful children, two of them were diagnosed with Autism. My oldest son was diagnosed in 2010 and my younger son was diagnosed in 2012. 

My husband and I both worked in this field. When we started to see regression in my older son, both of us knew. It’s hard to describe the feeling of what that knowing is, but knowing that something is different, it is indescribable. But you do know you have to take action, and you want to find out and you want to help your child. 

I can’t describe it enough, only by saying, even though you know, when you hear it from the doctor, you’re hearing it for the very first time and then we went through it again. And it felt almost like Déjà vu. But at least I had a roadmap the second time and we almost had a plan, but the feelings were still the same. I don’t think you fully get over, hearing those words. Abby: Kai was four. He was in kindergarten. And they had some concerns about his ability to answer to his name. So, in the summer of July – at age four – he was formally diagnosed with Autism. And his Autism is, in the prior term on the spectrum, it would be considered Asperger.  

So, it’s high functioning Autism.

Yeah. The challenges could be social interaction, how to continue a conversation as you’re able to speak, make friends. 

Kai has – so things that he has is his own agenda. It’s very strong in Autism and rigidity. So, he’ll get very stuck on certain things, like it has to be a certain way. 

If you have a child with a disability or not, you want them to be happy. And to be independent to the degree that they can, either a livelihood, a partner, friends. It can be a lonely journey when you first discover your child has a diagnosis and Autism Ontario has been there to support us. 

So, we don’t feel alone knowing that there’s Donors out there supporting us with their funds and that are greatly appreciated, their time, so many things that are really important to us. 

Autism has affected my life by making it a bit more boring when I just stand there and do nothing. It makes me feel a bit different, but since everybody is different, it’s not that much. 

I do a lot of different things with Autism Ontario, like I’m just going to say basic go to Sky Zone, do pottery, go to some fun sports games, I think Blue Jay and Raptors. We went to the Zoo. Hmm, yeah, that’s all I remember.

It’s important for us to keep receiving Donor dollars, to help go towards 
our advocacy and support networks. Through their donations, Federated Health Charities and the Ontario Public Service, they can help Ontario – Autism Ontario – continue doing the advocacy work that we do, education on what Autism is, and giving and supporting the needs of individuals on the spectrum.

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