5 KM Fun Run/Roll/Walk

Organizing a Run/Roll/Walk can be a rewarding experience but there is a bit more involved than some of the other event models. While there is a bit more involved there is a ton of potential when it comes to a fundraising opportunity, and of course the fundraising event experts at Beyond Fundraising Inc. are here to help you
throughout the process.

Step One – Location, Date and Time

Determine where you are going to hold your run-roll-walk; ideally somewhere close to work but also a nearby park would work too. Keep in mind the characteristics of the course you wish to have when choosing your location.

When setting a date make sure to choose something that will give you enough time to plan and your participants enough time to fundraise. Both weekdays as well as weekends can work, if you are thinking about including the community looking at a Saturday or Sunday may make more sense. Also, be sure your date does not coincide
with a holiday weekend to maximize foot traffic. As for the time, if you are planning it during the week, either on lunch or right after work would both be great options. As for the weekend something earlier in the day would be ideal. Explore all options!

While you are setting the location, date and time you are also going to want to decide if you are going to promote this event to your colleagues or if you are going to open it up to friends, family and the community.

Step Two – Registration Form/Pledge Form

Once you have your date and location, you will want to create a registration form. You will also want to decide on your registration fee, and fundraising minimums.

Asking your participants to collect pledges from their friends and family is a great way to raise additional revenue. You will find a pledge form template, with other templates in the guide. You will need to customize with your event specific details.

Your Special Event funds can be collected via the Federated Health Charities Special Event link found here: How to donate – Federated Health Charities

Step Three – Create your 5K Route

When planning your route make sure to keep in mind how challenging you want the route to be, when planning the route pay attention to hills – flat or a gentle downhill is ideal. Also creating a route that is out and back, or a loop is ideal for your participants. Try to avoid busier areas with a lot of vehicular traffic and crossings of major roads.

When planning your route there are lots of free apps that will help you map out your route. MapMyRun is a great option to use when planning your route. You can also utilize Google Maps to chart your course.

Step Four – Create a Buzz

You can advertise on your Ministry/Agency intranet site, with flyers in high traffic areas in your offices or the main lobby of your building, through distribution of flyers in employee’s mailboxes and through email/newsletters. If you are running your 5K Run-Walk outside of work, you can advertise in the newspaper, be sure to place the ad a couple months before your event date. Check for deadlines with your local publication to ensure your ad will make it in at the right time. Advertising online is also a great idea try Facebook, Twitter, Kijiji, and community pages.

Be sure to include all the need-to-know details, such as date, time, location, registration fee and fundraising requirements. Highlighting the route can help draw people in. Make sure to let everyone know the proceeds from your sale are supporting 21 health related charities.

Step Five – Permits

Make sure to check with your city offices to see if you need any permits if you are hosting your run-walk in a community space.

Step Six – Sponsorship

Spend some time contacting local businesses to see if they would be willing to provide cash sponsorship or products and services that will improve your participant experience. Think about creating a prospect list of businesses you can contact for support is a great plan. Make sure to include businesses you and your team frequent is a great place to start. Utilize the Community donation request letter template found on Campaign Resources – Federated Health Charities

Step Seven – Marketing & Promotional Items

There are lots of marketing/promotional pieces that will add to your event and the participant experience but the pieces that are most important are a start/finish banner or sign, arrows along the route and signs to thank your sponsors. Another option to think about is t-shirts or some sort of finishing medal, the possibilities are endless.

Take some pictures with you and colleagues having some fun at your event and send them to Federated Health Charities to share your successful event with others.

Step Eight – Communication

Talking to your participants is important leading up to race day. Having a couple email touch points is key when engaging participants. We have provided emails templates for you to use. Please look in the template section.

  • We suggest sending out up to four emails leading up to the event
    o Welcome
    o Touch points with fundraising tips
    o Day before event
    o Thank you for participating

Step Nine – It’s all in the Details

Here’s a list of things you will need to make your day that much easier:

    • Tables and chairs to create a registration area for your participants to check in at and drop off their pledges.
    • Cash box to keep donations together as well as any registration fees of anyone that registers on site.
    • Float.
    • Pens, sharpies, tape for your registration area.
    • Signage for your start/finish line.
    • Tables with water half way through your course for your participants.
    • If it is a workplace event, have the QR code for the Federated Health Charities lottery handy as well.

Step Ten – Setting Up

You will want to be onsite early before your event starts. Make sure to give yourself enough time to mark the route, set up the registration area, water stations, as well as any other areas and activities you have planned.

Make sure you have enough volunteers to help you set up and throughout the day, and at the end to clean up.

Step Eleven – Volunteers

Having volunteers on event day will be key to making your event a success. The following is a list of the roles that will be helpful. The quantity will depend on how many participants you have.

    • Volunteer check in.
    • Registration.
    • Route Markers.
    • Course Marshals (volunteers out on the route to make sure the participants stay on the route).
    • Water Station.
    • Caboose (these volunteers will stay behind the last participant to know when they cross the finish line and that there is no on left on the route).

Step Twelve – Add it Up!

Take out the float you started with and then add it all up and see how you did. There is a budget template included.
Bring your money into work and hand it in to your Treasurer to be recorded and deposited.

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Federated Health Charities White Logo

For general questions:

Sarah Wood
Executive Director


315 Front St. West, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 0B8

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