Federated Health Charities Wrap Event: VERZUZ 3 – The Sound of Giving

Jun 24, 2022

Challengers Announced!

We are in the final week of the 2022 campaign and we are ready to celebrate our achievements!  What better way to do so then watch some of your favourite leadership members battle it out in a sing-for-song muscis battle, Verzuz style!

Federated Health Charities adapts the popular Verzuz event as our campaign closing special event. This event originated in TBS and has become a tope event for the past two years.  This will be the first year that we take the Verzuz event OPS wide as an opportunity for OPS’ers across the province to come together and celebrate their campaign successes.  

We will share campaign results, hear from key leadership speakers about this years campaign efforts, and conduct the Federated Health lottery draw live at the event.  

Throughout all this we will be engaging in the signature Verzuz song-vs-song musical battle between OPS Executive Leaders for the Verzuz 3 Championship Crown. 

Champion DM Carlene Alexander defends her Crown against three new challengers, voting done live after each round via Slido poll to determine the winner.  

This is an event you will not want to miss!  The details are as follows:

What: Music Battle: Federated Health: The Sound of Giving, a song-for-song battle

Who: Deputy Alexander challenges her fellow Executive Leader’s to battle it out in a song-for-song battle!  With additional guest speakers.  

Where: Teams Broadcast Live

When: June 30, 2022, 12noon

At the Event:

            -announcement of the preliminary results for the 2022 campaign

            -lottery draw & winners announced

            -make your last-minute donations 

            -watch an epic music battle between your favorite DM’s!

How to Get Involved? Vote FOR THE ‘Sound of your Ministry/Agency’

 We want to know the ‘sound of your ministry/agency’!  Go to www.federatedhealth.ca to cast your vote for your favourite song.  We will tally the votes and announce at the event the top-rated songs of your ministry/agency.  Cast your vote today!

Click here to Join the Event on June 30 at 12-2pm

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