Daniel’s Story – Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy

Jun 21, 2021

Client Spotlight: The Impact of Your Dollars

When Daniel Mustapha became a member of the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy, he was looking for support in pursuing activities that interested him. One of his passions is Karate, but he unfortunately did not have the funds to participate in tournaments. This is the type of situation where programs that the OFCP offers can really make a difference. Through our Life Enriching Activity Fund assistance, Daniel was able to participate in local tournaments, and last year he won a gold medal at the PARA National Karate Tournament in Halifax. He is planning on competing in the National Tournament once again this year, as well as internationally. Daniel is a wonderful example of what our programs can provide for people with cerebral palsy all over the province of Ontario, creating opportunities for our members to live the most meaningful, fulfilling and enriched life possible.

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