Federated Health Charities Campaign

Aug 10, 2020

We have come to the end of the 2020 Federated Health Charities campaign and it was a great success!  OPS employees showed their commitment to the health of Ontario by persevering throughout the pandemic to raise funds for the 20 health charities this campaign supports.  They saw a need and a way they could help throughout this time of crisis and they rose to the challenge. 

Check out this video to see a snapshot of the many ways your colleagues came together to raise funds for these incredible charities. 

Our Volunteers:

We cannot close off another campaign without acknowleding the work of our volunteers.  This campaign is almost entirely volunteer driven so they deserve all of the praise for it’s success. 

Our sincerest thanks to the teams at OSS, WIN, OPS Weekly & Topical.  You are the behind the scenes heroes of these campaigns and this year you went above and beyond by working with us to transition the entire campaign to a virtual format.  The switch to a virtual campaign required a ton of pivoting, problem solving, and development of new solutions and you all worked tirelessly with us to make it all happen.  Thank you for your patience, resourcefulness, and determination to find solutions so that this campaign could run at its full capacity. 

And, a very heartfelt thank you to all of the Campaign Chairs, Executive Teams and volunteers.  You all stepped up this year in an incredible way.  You came together, collaborated and brainstormed on how to make a virtual campaign work, offered to share resources and ideas with other teams, and just took this on as a challenge you were all going to solve. 

Our sincerest thanks to every single one of our volunteers.  You are the heart of this campaign.

Our Successes:

While we do not yet have our final totals as funds are still continuing to flow in, we wanted to share how much all of the hard work has paid off and what we have achieved to-date.  In light of the ongoing pandemic, our intention with this campaign was to do the best we could to help our communities.  Our focus was less on goals and more on bringing OPS employees together, providing something positive to be a part of, and doing our part to give back during a time of great need. The results far exceeded our expectations!  The OPS showed their commitment and generosity by raising $1,358,389 to-date with more funds rolling in.

Our Winners:

The Federated health lottery is one of the most popular components of the campaign and we are pleased to announce the winners for the 2020 draw:

1st Prize $15,000 – Ticket #14236, Justin Gobin, MCCSS

2nd Prize $5,000 – Ticket #12289, Emily Brooks, MLTC

3rd Prize $3,000 – Ticket #17086, Valerie Samson, MOH

4th Prize $1,000 – Ticket #0678 Chester Anderson, MCCSS

5th Prize $1,000 – Ticket #0620, Arielle Brenman , FSRAO

Thank you to all who participated, gave their time, or made donations.  We are proud to continue to invest in the health of our communities.

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