Methods to Donate

The Federated Health Charities campaign provides four methods to donate:

  • Payroll pledges
  • One-time donations
  • Special events
  • Lottery tickets

Payroll Pledges

You must be a member of the OPS to make a payroll donation.

If you have a WIN number, and access to the system, you can make payroll deductions via your WIN self-service Portal. Just sign into MYOPS to access WIN using your WIN ID, and choose the “My Charity” tab from the main menu to make your donation. In this case, you don’t need to fill out a donor form.

If you:

  • do NOT have a WIN ID;
  • are unable to access WIN;

please fill in the donor form and give the form to one of the canvassers in your ministry or agency.

Regardless of how you donate (WIN/Donor form), payroll deductions will start with the first pay in July, and end with the last pay in June the following year (if you choose the maximum 26 pays).

One-Time Donations

Are you a member of the OPS?

You can make a one-time donation by filling out the same donation form that is used for payroll pledges. Simply enter in the amount you would like to donate and the method by which you would like to do so (cash, cheque, or credit card). A receipt for income tax credit will be mailed to you.

Not in the OPS but would like to donate?

Anyone can donate to any or all of the 17 Federated Health charities by cash, cheque or credit card. It is not necessary to be an employee or retiree of the Ontario Public Service. Simply complete the following donation form. A receipt for income tax credit will be mailed to you.

Are you an OPS retiree?

Federated Health Charities runs a biannual retiree mail out campaign.  If you are retiring, or have already retired, and would like to continue your support of Federated Health please contact to have your home address added to the mailing list.

Special Events

You can give to the Federated Health campaign by participating in one of the many special events that are held during campaign time. To find out what events are happening within your ministry contact your campaign Chair.

Lottery Tickets

Federated Health Charities runs a province wide lottery during out campaign period. Tickets are on sale exclusively to OPS employees and can be bought from a member of your ministries campaign team. To find ticket sellers in your ministry contact your campaign Chair.

Making a Donation In Honour or In Memorium

Often, when someone has died, the family asks that donations be made to a health charity in lieu of flowers. It’s also common for people to ask for a donation to charity as a birthday or wedding present.

You can make those types of donations through Federated Health Charities. There is a place in the donation form within your WIN self-service Portal, and at the bottom of the donor form (in the centre of the campaign magazine if you don’t have access to WIN) where you can arrange to have a card sent to family or friends in memory or in honour of a friend or loved one, informing them that you have made a donation.

The family, or the individual, will be told which charity (or group of charities) was designated to receive the donation (though not the amount of the donation).

These donations can be made at any time throughout the year, please contact:

Federated Health Charities

tel: 647-278-9861