honourary chairs message



The Ontario Public Service (OPS) has always considered ways to support Ontarians in need – through program delivery, legislation and regulation, and through policy development. So too with charitable giving and volunteer activities. The Federated Health Charities is a workplace giving campaign that runs exclusively within the OPS and has been doing so for over 35 years. In all those years, OPS employees have come together to raise funds for 17 amazing charities and to prove how much they truly support their communities. In total, over $47 million dollars has been raised by OPS employees for these organizations. This amazing feat confirms why this campaign has always been known as “The Heart of the OPS”.

There are currently 17 charities that receive funds from this campaign and they all work with a different disease or health issue. They include everything from Canadian Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke, Diabetes Canada, and Cystic Fibrosis. Every one of them provides services to people across Ontario and they strive to pick-up where the health care system leaves off to ensure that no one falls between the cracks and that everyone gets the support they need. The work they do ranges from research aimed at better treatments and cures, advocacy, public education and prevention, to hands on local level support services.

The reality is that there are very few of us, if any, who have not been affected by at least one of these 17 illnesses. So, this is personal for us all. These charities are there for us and our loved ones when we need it, so this is our chance to be there for them in return.

The contributions that these charities make to patient care is critical in their overall care and quality of life. I know that if one of my family members were to get sick, that I would want them to have access to the most cutting-edge treatments, to have all of their questions answered, to feel supported and to know that when they are really struggling that there are people there to help. That’s what drives me to support this campaign and I hope that you will join me.

Participate in any way you can for your own health, the health of your loved ones and the health of the millions of Ontarians that you don’t even know that are struggling day-in and day-out with one of these devastating illnesses.

To those of you who donate your time and money to this campaign, year after year, I thank you.

Let’s make this year’s campaign another great one.

Jonathan Lebi
Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs