2022 Federated Health Charities Campaign Has Launched

Apr 2, 2022

The 2022 Federated Health Charities Campaign is officially underway!

This year’s campaign will run from April 1 – June 30.  Ministries and agencies across the province will be running their individual campaigns within this timeframe.

This year’s theme is Heart-to-Heart

Federated Health has always been known as ‘the heart of the OPS’.  The heart of the OPS is our people and is comprised of many attributes including diversity, resilience, empathy, and generosity.

The heart of our communities across the province is comprised of people working to help others, to make the community better, stronger, and healthier.  The incredible people at our 21 charities are great examples of that.

For our 2022 campaign, we are asking OPS staff to extend their hand in whatever way they are able, to connect our heart with the heart of the community.

Please engage in a “heart-to-heart” with us.

This campaign is personal.  It is one person lending a hand to another person, saying ‘I see you; I hear you and I want to help’

Please engage yourself in this year’s campaign and put your whole heart into it.

Listen to the stories of those living with these devastating illnesses.  

Learn what these charities are doing to impact your community.

Share how you’ve been impacted by these diseases. 

Consider how you can open your heart to those in need.

Let’s all come together, and have a heart-to-heart, through this year’s campaign.

There are five different ways you can get involved in this year’s campaign

Payroll Pledges

Making a payroll pledge is the most popular way to give to the campaign.  It is easy and efficient.  You can direct your pledge to your charity(s) of choice and you also have the option of making your donation in honour or in memory of someone. 

To make a payroll pledge you just log in to WIN, go to the My Charity tab, and follow the prompts.  It’s that easy!

If you don’t have access to WIN you can complete the fillable donation form and email it directly to your Campaign Treasurer.

We also now offer the option of selecting Automatic Pledge Renewal.   If you select this option, your pledge will continue each year without you have to renew it. 

One-Time Donations

If you would like to make a one-time donation of cash, cheque or credit care just complete the fillable donation form and email it to your ministry/agency campaign Treasurer. 

Special Events

There are tons of fun special events happening across the OPS.  Check out your ministry/agency communications to see what it is happening in your area.  You can pay for admission into a special event at www.federatedhealth.ca


The Federated Health lottery is one of the most anticipated parts of the campaign!  There are 25,000 tickets for sale at $5 per ticket (plus online purchasing fee). 

There are five cash prizes:

            -2 prized of $1000



            –Grand Prize of $15,000

Lottery tickets go on sale April 1 and can be purchased until June 25.  Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get yours before they sell out!  Tickets can be purchased at www.federatedhealth.ca 

Donation of Securities

Federated Health now offers the option of donation securities!  A donation of securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably. Securities are fungible and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets. Since capital gains taxes don’t apply, our charity receives the full fair market value when the security is sold, and you get a tax receipt which reflects your larger contribution. This allows you to give more and get more.  To donate securities, go to www.federatedhealth.ca.

We thank you for your ongoing support of Federated Health Charities.  Here’s to another great campaign!

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