honourary chairs message



When I joined ServiceOntario and the OPS in 2015 I was quickly able to witness the passion and support you all bring to serving our Province. I was also extremely impressed with the same commitment and enthusiasm you bring to supporting charitable causes throughout the year.

The Federated Health Charities campaign has a long standing relationship with the OPS and is an important part of our legacy of charitable giving. What started as a desire by our employees to give back to their communities has turned in to more than 34 years of contributing significantly to many of the important charities in Ontario who work tirelessly to ensure that each and every one of us has the very best treatment and support in our times of need.

When you donate to Federated Health Charities, each and every dollar you give goes directly to your charity of choice and therefor directly to the people in your community who access that charity.

Our theme this year is ‘Donate to prevent. Donate to support. Donate to cure.’, and that is exactly what you are doing when you support this campaign. You are providing resources for these charities to be able to share valuable information and education on how these illnesses can be prevented, you are ensuring that there are the supports available for people when they are diagnosed and living with these health conditions, and you are investing in life saving research that is working to find effective treatments and cures for these diseases. By investing in this research you are part of creating a future where fewer people are diagnosed with these 16 illnesses, where effective treatments are available, and where the rates of morbidity for these health issues continues to decrease.

So when you give to Federated Health you are helping to build a future where fewer people are diagnosed with these devastating illnesses, and for those who are we have accessible and effective treatments and supports to ensure they can live long and healthy lives.

For those of you who work diligently to run this campaign and for those who have generously donated year after year, I thank you. Let’s continue the OPS’s 34 year tradition of providing incredible support to Federated Health and their 16 recipient charities by making the 2017
campaign another great one.

David Denault
Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Executive Officer, ServiceOntario