honourary chairs message



The relationship between the Ontario Public Service and the Federated Health Charities campaign is a long standing one and signifies how much the OPS and its employees truly care about the people of Ontario. Year after year, thousands of OPS employees come together to raise funds for this campaign and the 17 charities it supports to ensure that people in our communities have the care, treatments, and support they need when facing major health obstacles. .

One of the primary tenets of Federated Health Charities is the importance of investing in research. Each of our 17 charities holds this as a central value and invests significant funds towards it every year. They are able to do this through donations they receive from campaigns such as this. By giving to Federated Health Charities you are investing in research that is working to find improved treatments and medications for those living with one of these devastating illnesses, and even more importantly, working to find preventions and cures so fewer people have to experience these diseases at all.

Additionally, Federated Health Charities and its 17 charities believe in the importance of providing hands-on support to those living with these illnesses and their care takers in order to ease the strain inflicted by a debilitating disease, and to work to improve quality of life while people go through this difficult time.

When you donate to Federated Health Charities, each and every dollar you give goes directly to your charity of choice and therefore directly to the people in your community who access that charity. So when you give to Federated Health, you are helping to build a future where fewer people are diagnosed with these devastating illnesses, and helping to provide accessible and effective treatments and support for those that need it so they can live long and healthy lives.

For those of you who work diligently to run this campaign and for those who have generously donated year after year, I thank you.

Let’s make this year’s campaign another great one.

David Denault
Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Executive Officer, ServiceOntario